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I’ve never liked the question What do you do for a living?  I prefer the crass but honest What do you do to support your family? I’m a working writer, but that hasn’t always paid the bills. In no particular order, I’ve worked as a:

cook, managing editor AND reporter (simultaneously), construction worker, editorial abstractor, professor, antiques dealer, high school English teacher, brand manager, greenhouse employee, proofreader, barista, and more. I’ve been employed to disassemble million-dollar medical imaging equipment and I’ve stuffed envelopes for party invites for the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. I’ve always believed in living the stories.

My first paid gig was at 13 loading clay pigeons into a dangerous throwing arm in a bunker at a skeet shooting range. My oddest job was proofreading catalogs for adult products.  I got to proofread the magical fifth printing plate, the one for the scratch-off gold stars that went over the naughty bits. 


A cartoon version of me and my son for the Daddy Dialogue

My first official writing job was a three-panel comic strip for the school newspaper in middle school: Klop. Since then, I’ve written in nearly every style and for almost every purpose. I’ve ghost written presentations for executives, penned corporate profiles for a business magazine (I interviewed the director of HR for the Cleveland Indians baseball team), climbed into 20-ft-tall construction equipment reporting for a local business newspaper, and even penned a magazine humor column called “The Daddy Dialogue,” to name a few.

My guest posts on organics have appeared on the websites of the Environmental Media Association (a Hollywood-based group started by Norman Lear) and Women’s Voices for the Earth, as well as in LA Design magazine and elsewhere.

Currently I live with my family in Northeast Ohio outside of Cleveland.

Me as a cub editorial analyst for travel magazines, Times Square, NYC

Environmental, nonfiction & humor writing

My writing focus is on movie scripts and children’s fiction, but I do on occasion write nonfiction historical and humor, so I’ve added this as a kind of hidden website feature. To entice you to click, if you do you can see me at the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C. with Jessica Alba. That’s what we call in the biz click bait.

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