An intense few weeks and I’m coming up for air. I completed, and did multiple rewrites, of my horror romance screenplay Wicked Sisters.  I also finished the first draft of a ghost story short for an anthology film project I am working on with an indie filmmaker. Feels good.

To celebrate that good feeling, I’ve decided to share three random things in life that bring me joy. Step inside my head to see what really makes me smile.


Sport Fishes of Ohio collector cards


I LOVE these things. So random, so odd, so Ohio they make me smile. I love how it reads Collector’s Edition, as if there  are other editions designed for people who don’t dare collect them. Rock Bass, you’re my friend.


Glow-in-the-dark goat toy


It’s a goat. It glows.

I call it glowgoat and nobody is going to stop me.

Vintage 1970s pink Lucite arrow


A foot of funky 70s modness. The thing looks like it glows, although glowgoat is quick to point out it’s not actually phosphorescent. It casts a pink shadow, and I bet you wish you could do that, too.


Hope you enjoyed a look into my happy places. Wait. You know what I meant.