One month of horror


On Friday the 13th (March, 2022), my Prism of Madness podcast launched. We began with a strong interview with director Damien LeVeck, and since we’ve released our first month’s worth of content.

Ironically, on that SAME DAY I was laid off from my day job. The two were unconnected, but it made that a Friday the Thirteenth to remember.

We’ve been doing well, with expected learning curves and such. We ended up not having as much content cut and ready to go as we had originally hoped as we always wanted to have at least four episodes done and ready, but we have plenty of raw content still to be edited. We have interviews lined up, but I’m more or less getting them ready that week, so I don’t have the buffer I wanted, but that’s okay. I couldn’t be happier with the progress of the Prism.

Still pitching scripts, too, so there’s much going on.