In 2016, I began Fear with Beer. The concept, originally envisioned as a podcast, immediately took shape as a blog where I wrote about horror movies, talked with aspiring horror genre filmmakers and discussed craft beers, generally pairing a rare or unusual beer thematically with a movie.

I adored the site, but it took a LOT of time, something I didn’t have, and ultimately let it go. Until recently. Ironically as a script writer who sits alone writing for hours at a time, I am at my heart a collaborative person. What Fear with Beer had been missing was a full-time collaborator equally passionate about horror movies (and beer) and ready to do the work of researching, interviewing and writing. I found that collaborator in Chris Robinson, a fellow horror and beer connoisseur.

Chris (also a writer) and I had been brainstorming for some time, having decided we wanted to collaborate on a project but unsure on what. Chris was a natural for podcasting given his smooth and chill voice, and we kept coming back to Fear with Beer. While I loved the idea, I was hesitant to revisit a past project, but it wasn’t long before I saw the potential.

Original Fear with Beer logo

There was a perfect balance between the two of us. Chris has an aggressive, entrepreneurial business acumen that got shit done which offset my tendencies to overthink and over complicate. At the same time, Chris has a relaxed, easy going demeanor which offsets my more outwardly nervous behavior. Together, we made a perfect team, but it wasn’t just in personalities.

We also had a balance in our tastes toward horror movies and beer with enough similarities for cohesion but enough differences to keep things lively. While I tended toward cerebral, spooky, artsy mood pieces, Chris tended toward more story-driven action movies. I drifted toward ghost stories. He drifted toward zombies. We both, however, loved and respected the genre. We both, however, had begun watching horror movies at very young ages, and both of us had late-night horror movie hosts as our primary gateway into the genre. Growing up in a small town in Northeastern Ohio, I had Cleveland’s Houlihan and Big Chuck and Saturday morning’s Superhost, Chris, growing up in Pittsburgh, had Chilly Billy Cardille’s Chiller Theater.

Fear with Beer was reborn.

With a massive amount of business, writing, researching and creative talents and experiences between the two of us, the element we didn’t have was the technical experience. I had a TASCAM DR-40 four track recorder I had purchased back with the first incarnation of Fear with Beer, but using it was another story. We recorded our introduction using only the TASCAM’s built-in speakers and mixer, and while better than expected, the initial foray wasn’t stellar. We soon added some Samson dynamic mics, and fumbling around, we’ve made huge strides in a short time. 

While we haven’t released our inaugural podcast yet, we will soon, by April, 2022 if not before. Please visit the new website for updates on episodes.