Horror Writing

Horror has always been in my blood. As a child struggling with undiagnosed OCD, dissociative disorder and sleep paralysis, the horror onscreen helped me cope with the very real horrors that tormented me but that I couldn’t explain or understand.

As an adult, I find the focus horror brings  a perfect framework for exploring difficult topics; horror strips away the extraneous.

On a writing note, I strive for dialogue without exposition and abhor filler.

Dale Luckwitz is HORROR. Below are the most current projects seeking good homes.

Your Own Personal Haunting

screenplay, open for optioning

Honorable Mention 2021 Horror Hotel International Film Festival

Quarter Finalist 2022 Stage 32’s 8th Annual Search for New Blood Screenwriting Contest 


LOGLINE: Compelled to a house that terrifies him, a damaged man with OCD is challenged by spirits as he unravels the mysteries of his troubled past


Your Own Personal Haunting straddles the line between horror and personal drama, exploring themes of loss and hurt and drawing parallels being suffering from OCD /intrusive thoughts and being haunted.

Lawrence, a troubled man who has wrestled with obsessive-compulsive disorder most of his life, nears his 40th birthday and begins considering a return to his childhood home to discover a reason for his misfortunes. Unable to remember details of his childhood, a sense of dread has always surrounded his home. Following a serious car accident, he decides to return to his home, and when he finds it is for rent, he moves in.

Befriending King, an energetic and life affirming trans man whose mother owns the house, Lawrence begins a journey to unravel the mysteries of the home and why he was sent away as a teen.


Wicked Sisters

screenplay, open for optioning



LOGLINE: Struggling for money, a couple fabricates stories about a trio of antique dolls to present them as premium haunted items only to get pulled into the world of a psychotic and crazed collector

Wicked Sisters is, beneath the death and destruction, a love story with warmth and humor examining the self-imposed roles and responsibilities we put on ourselves in any relationship. Centered around the quirky couple of Bacco and Lilla, a couple who struggle to do the right thing even at cost of their finances, the story seeks to take the haunted doll trope and turn it upside down.

Inspired by my five years as a real-world antique picker and my focus on the macabre and unusual.   



Three Nights in a Haunted House on a Hill (working title)

in progress


LOGLINE: Fired, dumped by his girlfriend and disgusted, a man accepts an offer to earn a million dollars by surviving in a haunted house for three days. Ghosts or not, that money is his. These ghosts have no idea what lies in store for them.  

This playful, non-stop action horror romp is inspired by the  trope of surviving in a haunted house for money. Paying tribute to The House on Haunted Hill as well as other vintage horror movies like The Haunting and The Uninvited,  through a non-stop barrage of monsters, ghosts, and blood, Three Nights in a Haunted House on a Hill explores generational age issues and the fronts we all put on in society.



Out of You and Me (short)


LOGLINE: Two strangers are saddled with the consequences of their incorrect assumptions after being confronted with a serial killer.  

A short script for an upcoming feature anthology film. This is a collaboration with an indie film maker. Can’t reveal much yet at this point, only that it’s a very cool project!



Legacy Horror

Time Capsule Open

In addition to growing up on haunted grounds (well, I suspect they may have been haunted) across from a funeral home and next due a dilapidated Victorian house, I also gather substantial inspiration from my surreal experiences as an antique and vintage picker when selling via my shop Time Capsule Open.

From spooky dolls to Victorian poison bottles to terrifying Tiki statues I found hidden in a barn, my experiences in the antique world were the gift to a horror writing that just keep giving. 

Time Capsule Open


Fear with Beer

A blog I wrote discussing horror movies and pairing them with craft beers. Odd, but tremendously fun. My big pride here was a section that I had created that I called Ultra Indie that shone the light on ultra small, indie horror film projects. I’m happy to say that Damien LeVeck’s wonderful The Cleansing Hour horror movie got one of it’s first major recognitions on Fear with Beer back when it was only a short looking for investors.

While I loved doing Fear with Beer, the truth was it was too time (and beer) consuming and snagged valuable time from my own actual horror and fiction writing, so sadly I let it go. There are only so many hours in a day. 

Fear with Beer

R.I.P. 2015-2017


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