Chris and I unanimously decided to rebrand our upcoming podcast from Fear with Beer to Prism of Madness to better reflect our direction, which is to focus on specific aspects of horror movies and the specific people who contribute to the madness that is film making. Additionally, we learned of a podcast that slipped past us that began in 2020 called Fear and Beer, so that told us we were destined to change direction.

We love the rebranding of Prism of Madness, because after all, the number of things that have to go RIGHT in a movie, even in the worst movie, needed for it to come together is staggering. The things that need to go RIGHT for a GOOD movie are nearly impossible! Our job is to dig deep into the who’s and how’s of this, breaking a movie apart like a prism breaks apart light.


The show, in addition to featuring Chris and I breaking down movies to explore specific pieces parts, will also feature guest interviews, and we’re off to a great start. In addition to an interview already “in the can” with a production coordinator at a regional film commission, two upcoming interviews are lined up with two different movie directors I highly respect. I’m not spilling the beans on who they are yet, but we are stoked to roll out those episodes.

While this has slightly postponed our original launch date, we’ll be ready to debut relatively soon and will likely launch the first episode by the end of this month.

Exciting! We hope you’ll join us in the Prism. You can keep tabs of the episodes soon at