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Writing Samples for Dale Luckwitz

While I have written thousands of pages of advertising copy, corporate white papers, research reports, email blasts and more, the vast majority is proprietary to the organizations I wrote for. Below are some samples. NOTE: FOR MULTI-PAGE DOCUMENTS, USE THE ARROW AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FILE TO ADVANCE TO OTHER PAGES.

Blog Post: Naturepedic corporate blog

Human Side of Organicv_3rdParty.docx


Article for LA Design magazine


Sustainability report (Naturepedic)

I envisioned, researched and wrote the first Sustainability Report for Naturepedic. This template and 90% of the content is still being used. This is the raw copy prior to layout.


Sphere of Weird

This is an excerpt from my book of short and micro-stories for middle school readers Sphere of Weird. This is one of my favorite stories, entitled “Queen of the Frogs”.

Queen of the Frogs

Original copy for antique shop Time Capsule Open

HO HO HO, Green Giant costume.

This beloved advertising icon, introduced in 1928, hit the television in the late 1950s, but it is told that the giant’s first appearances actually frightened children. That all got worked out, however, to the point that Kusan, the manufacturer of this costume, would eventually be suiting up kids as the green guy, sending them out into neighborhoods to trick or treat for peas and broccoli.

This retro Halloween item is just plain weird and cool. Amazingly it still is in its original box, but that box has seen wear and is dented, discolored and worn — see picture. The mask is thin and fragile — there is a small tear below the chin, and his nose is a little crinkled — probably from getting socked by some kid who hated vegetables. The mask has the original brittle rubber band, but that has broken from one of the staples.

The cotton pajama-like costume is one piece and size Medium (8-10) — the red and green graphics almost look like old 3-D two-color printing, although they aren’t.

The white of the inside of the mask has the penciled mark of Shane, and I’m sure somewhere Shane, now an adult, is remembering the best costume he ever had. He’s also probably not thinking it was this one.

Seriously, how funny is it to dress a kid up as the logo for a frozen vegetable company and then send them out asking for candy? Priceless.

Very cool, this will make a great display piece, especially for a retro-inspired Halloween party.

Reporter/Editor for Tri-County Business Journal



Writer for Inside Business Magazine



Humor columnist for Northeast Ohio Family Magazine

My column, The Daddy Dialogue, was heavy on folk humor, bordering on cheesy, but it was intentially geared for the publication.